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All Natural Good-Time-Girl with a Touch of Pacific Northwestern Girl-Next-Door charm.

Artist and muse with a creative and curious soul.

An insatiable thirst for the pursuit of adventure and novel, unsavory experiences.

Wild thing who loves to have meaningless fun, but also a hopeless romantic with a passionate heart.

Here for a good time, not a long time.

I'm an avid kink enthusiast with a lot of personal and professional experience, an open mind, and a caring heart.

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A Little Bit of Lina​

Statistics: 5'5", 165lbs, 38G (38DDDD), 25 years old

Grooming: I truly embrace my natural state, often unshaven and without any makeup or nail polish, but I'm open to meeting your grooming preferences. Just ask!



Kink: Exhibitionism, sadomasochism, and soft sensation play are my main personal interests, but I have experience in other realms as well.

I would like to... (Gain access to the Deeper page to get a better idea of my kinky interests and limits.)


Art Mediums: Acrylic paint, watercolor paint, multimedia, sketching, writing, natural and foraged art, singing and songwriting

I would like to try sculpting and working with clay. I would also like to try wood and stone carving.

Movies/TV Shows: The Lord of the Rings (my dog's name is Gimli), Star Trek, The Office, The Princess and the Frog, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Dragon Ball (the original), The Way of the House Husband

I would like to watch more classic movies and B&W movies.

Games: Fallout 3, Minecraft, Figment, CalicoMagic: The Gathering

Newest game(s): The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

I would like to try to play more old school games. I'd also like to finish a Zelda game for once! >.<

Activities: Yoga, hiking, camping, making art, shopping, dining, snugglingand going on late night wild adventures

I would like to try snow sports like skiing or snowboarding for the first time. I would also like to learn how to play golf.


Food: I love trying new foods and experiencing unique dining. If I'm ever actually craving something, it's usually steak.

I would like to try more Central and South American foods.

Drinks: Freshly squeezed grapefruit juice reigns supreme as my number 1 favorite drink. Sparkling water with lime or lemon comes at a close second. In the evening, sampling craft beers that are local to the area is usually my go-to. My favorite beers are red/amber ales, kolschs, pilsners, and lagers. At night, I generally turn to espresso martinis if we want to keep the party going, or I'll have a cognac nightcap, preferably Courvoisier VSOP.

I would like to (responsibly) explore more spirits and wines to find my true favorites.

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