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I'm always interested in discussing spontaneous bookings and travel. Feel free to reach out about any adventure, no matter how out-of-the-blue!

Reaching Out:

I accept requests through my booking form below, by email via, and by text via (971)267-2922.


I prefer booking form use as it grabs my attention better than anything else. In combination with a thoroughly written email or text (with screening and a personal introduction included), you can't create a much better initial inquiry than that!

I have provided newbie-friendly email and text templates for companionship requests in my FAQ on the Considerations page.


If you're not willing to submit screening, I may be willing to screen by public meeting. Bookings booked with full screening are eligible for a 10% discount.

Full Screening Information Required for Discount:

Full name as listed on your ID

Personal phone number

Government-issued photo identification


Additional Screening Methods For Lina's Comfort (Not Required But Appreciated)

Reputable provider references

Personal email address

LinkedIn or profile on company site

Work identification card

Blank email from your work email address to my unpublished male-named Gmail account, which you can request during the booking process

Feel free to send legal/screening information via an encrypted 3rd party such as Proton Mail or WhatsApp.


Proton Mail:



Incall or outcall?

Thanks for submitting! I will get in touch with you soon.

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